What They Think We Do, What We Really Do, and What We Want To Do

The above picture (or one similar) has been floating around Facebook for the past couple of weeks.  At first I thought it was funny, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how true pictures are.

When I finished the last page of a great book, I thought that writers would sit down at their computer and would write a book without any troubles and they’d be rich and famous.  That was when I was younger — much younger.

It took me a year to write my first book and a month to write my second, and for both there were struggles along the way. It’s definitely not as easy as it seems, nor is the editing and publishing process.  Being a writer isn’t easy, not by a long shot.  I admire writers like Danielle Steel, Emily Giffin, James Patterson, and Nicholas Sparks, who can literally write, go through several drafts of edits, and have their books published one after another in such a short time.

When people ask me what I do, I say that I’m a writer, and I love to see their expression.  Their jaw drops and their eyes dazzle.  It’s in that moment that I feel like I’m a move star!  It’s a wonderful feeling that makes being a writer worth the emotions, stress, struggles, and time, that writers go through.


4 thoughts on “What They Think We Do, What We Really Do, and What We Want To Do

  1. I hadn’t caught that photo on fb. Thanks for sharing it, made me laugh. My family thinks I do nothing but sit around, watch TV and eat bonbons all day. Sometimes I wonder about those authors you mentioned and their writing skills. It seems like once they have a name as famous as theirs, they don’t have to hone their work quite as delicately as an unknown author like myself. I work much harder at rewriting, than writing. When I tell new people I’m a writer, many of them think I’ll write their story for them. Go figure. Thanks for the photo and the good thoughts on writing.

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