It’s A Sexy Wednesday

Athletes, cowboys, and James Bond all have something in common.  They are sexy, and I love them all (especially in my daydreams…wait, make that fantasies).  Put a suit on a man-any man-and his look can change 100%!

Men in suits are my weakness.  To be more specific, it’s a man who’s wearing black  and/or grey dress pants, a white dress shirt unbuttoned (it must be unbuttoned), and a black and/or grey dress coat.  This is my “ideal man.”  (It’s funny, because as I write this, I’m watching Person of Interest, and the main guy, Mr. Reese, is dressed as my “ideal man”).

Here are my Top 5 guys who are dressed to perfection:

George Clooney

Bradley Cooper

Pierce Brosnan

Jim Caviezel

Gerard Butler

Have a sexy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “It’s A Sexy Wednesday

  1. Now that’s a way to wake up on a Wednesday morning! I am right with you on men in suits… It can make any man sexy. And Jim Caviezal… Whew… It’s nice seeing him every week as Mr. Reese, yes? I’m also quite fond of the male ‘power suit’ portrayed by actors such as Gabriel Macht as Harvey Spector, and others that have the full three piece suit and really gorgeous tie.
    Oh, and I really like the Gerard Butler picture… Besides the fact that it’s Gerard Butler.
    Great way to start the day!

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