Coauthoring! A Do or A Don’t?

For Al Roker’s Book Club, he had on the authors for “Peter and the Starcatchers,” Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.  One of the three children who read the book asked a similar question to this one, “What made you write together?”

This got me thinking about coauthoring.  Every writer is different, so making decisions about characters, plot, or even the way to go about it, I’m sure is quite a grueling process.  Since I’ve only written two books (none of them published – yet), my mind isn’t open to coauthoring right now, but if the opportunity arises with the right person, I might change my mind.

Have you coauthored a book?  How did it turn out?  If you haven’t, have you always wanted to?  What’s stopping you?  Tell me your experience(s)!


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