C. Robinson

Q & A with C. Robinson

Describe yourself in five sentences:  I’m a passionate person and writer who takes life’s experiences and turns them into stories that people can relate to and learn from. I seek out opportunities and create them if I have to. I am not limited by a fear of making mistakes – I see them as material for my books. I’m a go-getter by nature, a positive person by choice and someone who finds humor in every day.

How did you come up with the title of your book, “Me and D*ck?”  Once I had the concept of the book, a character who’s moonlighting as a partial escort (oral sex escort), I figured that Me & D*ck  could serve as a double meaning: the main character deals with dicks on a daily basis and the main male character is Dick. It worked out perfectly.

Where is your dream place to write?  The beaches of Malibu with a martini in one hand and a computer on my lap watching the waves crash against shoreline.

Hard/paperback or eBook?  Both

What is your favorite word?  Why?  AWESOME – There’s so much positivity behind the meaning; it emphasizes greatness.

Explain your best setting for writing and editing?  Laying on my bed with the music playing in the background listening to the rain hit the window. I seem to be most motivated to write during a thunderstorm.

What other authors do you admire?  Tim O’Brien – The Things They Carried. He is able to connect to his readers in a unique way.  Although the material is difficult and gut-wrenching, his style of writing still leaves the reader inspired as well as informed.

Have you always want to be writer?  Yes. Writing was my strongest subject in school. As funny as it is, Mighty Ducks the movie, inspired me to want to write books that would be turned into movies.

What is your guilty pleasure?  Nail polish (I have a habit of changing the color of my nails every other night) and watching Master Chef.

What is your favorite scene from “Me and D*ck?”  Towards the end of the book when my main character, Sunshyne Mercy, realizes her self-worth, is empowered, takes a risk and is comfortable with who she really is.

What must a writer have with them at all times?  An open mind and no limits on their imagination.

Do you have any upcoming projects?  If so, can you tell us anything?  The second book of the Me & D*ck trilogy is almost complete.

Additional comments from C. Robinson:  Keep writing your life; you never know where the next great story will emerge from.

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