It’s Fun Friday!

**I’m writing this as I’m watching “Friends!”**

My favorite “Friend” is Jennifer Aniston.  I’ve always thought she was a beautiful woman, not to mention she seems confident, smart and we all know she’s talented (though, I’ve been disappointed in her choice of movies). For the ten years that she played Rachel Karen Green, I fell in love with Jennifer Aniston.

I know that before she began dating Brad Pitt, she dated Tate Donovan (who also played her love interest on the show, Joshua).  Now, I was not one who was head over heels for Brad, but he wasn’t bad on the eyes, at least back then.  When the were photographed together, they exuded with happiness and they looked like a truly happy couple.  Once news broke that they would be getting engaged, I was happy for them and wished them a lifetime of love and happiness.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of them:

and then Brad broke her heart!

It’s said to be known that this was they day before they announced their split.  I think Brad’s shirt is very fitting!

While nobody really knows what happened with him and his beloved “Angie” on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” I have my own thoughts and opinions about what occurred.  I once heard that she was asked about Brad and Angelina’s fling on the set.  She responded that she decided to “trust her husband” and that he was faithful to her.  I respect her for handling the situation the way she did.

Since her marriage to Brad ended, she’s been linked to John Mayer, Bradley Cooper and Vince Vaughn.  Of all the guys, I’d have to say I liked her with Bradley Cooper (drool) the best, but I guess she does have a thing with the name “Brad”ly, so that didn’t work.  When she began shooting the movie “Wonderlust,” she met Justin Theroux.  I never saw the movie, but I wasn’t really a fan, but in each picture that I saw of them together, she looked genuinely happy.

In closing, I’m just a normal fan who would like to see her favorite celeb happy.  She deserves the best and if she’s happy, that’s all that matters.  Celebs, especially Jen, has been through so much in her lifetime and we (regular people) have no right to judge her.  Jennifer Aniston’s just living her life!

Here’s to Jen and Justin!  I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness!


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