My Thoughts on The Bachelor: Season 17

Insert a guy who has a body that was made for TV who claims to be searching his wife, a lot of dramatic women and the rose that always lingers, and you’ve got season seventeen of The Bachelor.

I’ve never really been that girlie kind of woman who watches shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.  Okay, yes, I did watch the one with Trista and Ryan (who are still together, by the way), but the show wasn’t believable back then, nor do I feel it is now.  Could it all be a fantasy?  Yes, quite possibly.  We only get to see what the cameras show us, which makes for better drama, quite a bit of viewer judgements (both good and bad), and of course, the feeling of being let on by The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

When I was young, I wanted the fairytale, and I still do, but in order to have that and what the show doesn’t show is that couples have to work 100%/100% each day on their relationship.  If there were one thing about these shows is to show the couples working on their relationship instead of gallivanting around the country like two teens on spring break.  I’m not saying to take all the lovey-dovey stuff out, but make it more of a reality, hence isn’t that supposed to be “reality TV?”

And so, last night.  Oh, boy…


When Emily dumped Sean, I felt sorry for him.  While I liked Arie and Jeff who Emily picked in the end (but supposedly they’re not together anymore), it was obvious to me that he took the process very seriously and why not?  Okay, I was hooked, so I began watching Sean’s season, hoping that he’d find the love of his life.

After the first episode, Tierra was my favorite pick.  She certainly did have a “sparkle” about her.  When Sean gave her the first rose before knowing her for five minutes, I thought that she might be the one, however, that changed shortly afterward.  Falling down stairs (some think on purpose), jumping in freezing water and expecting Sean to dote after you and cause drama amongst the other women in the house, just didn’t work for her.  I’m glad that Sean finally saw through her and sent her home.  I guess it’s a good thing because in the episode of “The Women Tell All,” she’s engaged now to a guy who she claimed “they needed time away from each other.”  Hmm…

And then there’s Des, the wedding planner.  I loved her from the beginning.  She’s cute, fun and she looked like she belonged with Sean…but unfortunately, he sent her home.  I’d still love to know the reason, but I’m guessing that it has something to do with her brother.  I know I’d be upset with him for how he treated Sean.  Though there is good news, people — Des is the new Bachelorette, which begins this May!  Who’s going to be watching?  I know I will be!

Lindsay Yenter was the favorite between the final two.  She seemed the more genuine woman and more the Sean-type.  They didn’t seem fake and I liked her morals.  While she came out of the limo in a wedding dress and got drunk the first night, she quickly redeemed herself, but unfortunately not well enough to win Sean’s heart.  As I was watching the episode last night I was amazed at how classy and mature she acted when Sean told her that he wasn’t picking her.  I would have said the same thing…well, okay, I might have been a little more boisterous.  I also thought it was cool how she stopped and took off her shoes as she made her way back to the car walking away from Sean.  You go girl!  I like Lindsay Yenter and wish her the best of luck in life and in love!

And then there’s Catherine Giudici, the winner.  I never saw what he liked so much about her.  She seemed very immature and she brings Sean down with him.  She stayed under the radar for most of the show, but maybe that was what Sean wanted, a normal girl without a lot of drama…but I don’t see it that way.  Did Sean pick her because she didn’t want to leave him the night before the proposal?  I think so.  He seems like such a caretaker and wants to give, so I’m thinking that he let Lindsay go because he knew she can handle being without him.  She’s a survivor and Catherine’s not.  Hmm, just a thought…

I’d love to hear what y’all think of this!

Happy Monday, folks!


One thought on “My Thoughts on The Bachelor: Season 17

  1. Great post! Sean is not my type personally, although I can’t deny that he has a great body… My fave for Emily’s season was Ari. That being said, I watched this season with gusto. My favorites right from the start for Sean were Des and Ashley. I was beyond upset when he let go of Des but even though I really liked her, you can’t explain chemistry and I guess he felt more for the other girls. Then when he let go of Ashley in favor of the two younger girls, I was disappointed in him but liked his answer that she didn’t bring out his playful side enough. I do believe you need to laugh and be goofy in a relationship. Between the final two, I much preferred Catherine. I liked that she was a bit of a geek and owned it. I thought she was down to earth and beautiful. I just couldn’t get past Lindsay’s baby voice. I also thought at 24 she was just too young for Sean. But I agree she handled herself with dignity.

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