“Chocolate Fondue” by Martha Reynolds

Words from the author about Chocolate Fondue:  CHOCOLATE FONDUE is a sequel to my debut novel, CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST; however, I’ve written it to stand alone. That is, it’s not necessary to have read the first book to read the second. It picks up where the first book leaves off – Bernadette Maguire has returned to Switzerland with her aunt for a much-needed vacation, and she’s come face to face with a young man she believes to be the son she gave up for adoption twenty-three years earlier. While she’s convinced of his identity, she doesn’t know whether she should reveal herself to him. The matter is complicated by another hotel employee, who discovers the truth and has her own intentions.

Blurb:  Twenty-three years ago, Bernie Maguire, a young student in Switzerland, delivered a son. Giving him up for adoption was the right decision, she knew, but Bernie always wondered about the boy who was now a young man.

Back in Fribourg, Switzerland for vacation, Bernie is stunned when she sees the man she knows is her son. Now she must decide whether to identify herself to him and hope for a connection, or say nothing and leave the young man to live his life. The matter is complicated by a hotel employee who discovers the truth, and who intends to get in the way of Bernie’s plans.

CHOCOLATE FONDUE is the sequel to Martha Reynolds’s award-winning debut novel, CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, available online at Amazon.

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**Additional comments by the author:  I’m so grateful to the Chick Lit Goddesses for support, encouragement, retweets (!), and hand-holding. There is no better group of writers anywhere! Also – this book is available at Amazon as an e-book, but a print version will be available within a few weeks.



  1. Love that cover!! 🙂
    I’m very excited about this book since I adored Chocolate for Breakfast! Congrats , Martha! x

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