“MARKET STREET” by Anita Hughes

Blurb:  From the author of MONARCH BEACH comes a delicious story of a department store heiress, her messy marriage and her passion for food.

Filled with delicious descriptions of high fashion, gourmet food and the City By the Bay, MARKET STREET is a rewarding treat that will linger  long after its surprising and satisfying finish.

Chapter 1 (tease)

Cassie tore the edge of her croissant and looked out the Fenton department store’s floor-to-ceiling windows at the street below. Christmas was over, the post-Christmas sales were limping to a close, and men and women walked with their coats wrapped around them. The giant tree in Union Square had been carted away. The dazzling window displays in Gucci and Chanel, of Cinderella slippers studded with real diamonds to wear to holiday parties and little black dresses accessorized with stacks of multi-colored bracelets had been replaced with sensible January displays: rain boots, umbrellas and floor-length winter coats. Even Burberry’s window leaked bleak. The sweet reindeer wearing a plaid sweater and socks and been exchanged for a faceless mannequin wrapped in scarves like a mummy.

AnitaHughes2**About Anita Hughes:  Anita is the author of MONARCH BEACH. She attended UC Berkeley’s Masters in Creative Writing Program. Anita lives in Dana Point, CA with her family. Her third novel, LAKE COMO, will be released on August 13th, 2013.

**Contact:  Website  Facebook  Twitter

**Click HERE to read my review of her first book, “Monarch Beach”!



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