About “Sunlounger”:  Around the World in 40 Stories – accompanied by your favourite women’s fiction authors*.

*There may be a few names you don’t know yet but, rather like chatting to a stranger during a long haul flight, you will soon find yourself feeling familiar and glad to have met them!

The big dilemma this summer is which adventure to choose first: Boarding a milliionaire’s yacht in St Tropez? Slipping into a Sheikh’s palace in Dubai? Attending a movie premiere in Venice? Or contemplating your life on an idyllic Thai beach?

WIth so many stories to choose from, there is as much range in the writing styles as the destinations – we’ve got ones to make you chuckle, ones to make you swoon, ones to make you well up or perhaps decide to be a little bit bolder with your life…

The beauty of it is that you don’t even have to pass through security to board Sunlounger Airways! No loading your shoes/belt/keys in a plastic tray, no pat-downs, no bleepers, no suitcase-wrangling, no hassle – just RECLINE, RELAX & READ!

SunloungerPressRelease**”Sunlounger” is out now!!!!

**Click HERE to learn more about the book and its authors!


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