A Giveaway and Interview with Carolyn Ridder Aspenson


About author, Carolyn Ridder Aspenson: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is the author of two novels, Unfinished Business An Angela Panther Novel and Unbreakable Bonds An Angela Panther Novel, both of the chick-lit and paranormal genres.

Carolyn wrote her first novel, Unfinished Business shortly after her mother died. She felt the need to let the world know a little about the woman who drove her absolutely crazy but loved her with an intensity unknown to normal people. While some of the book is loosely based on events surrounding her mother’s death, the author swears she’ll never tell if she really did bury her mother illegally.

An avid fitness buff, Carolyn writes a monthly health and fitness column for Northside Woman Magazine. She also writes several freelance articles monthly for various Atlanta area media outlets including the Forsyth Herald, the Milton Herald, The Revue and News, The Johns Creek Herald, Countyline Magazine and many Internet publications. She’s written notebooks full of great story ideas from the entertaining people she’s met as a journalist. If you know one of them, don’t mention her books to them, just in case.

Carolyn has written hundreds of guest blog posts ranging from humorous to serious about varying aspects of parenthood and marriage. She considers herself an expert at not being an expert parent and works to spread her lack of expertise far and wide.

Dogs and recently cats too, are Carolyn’s preferred companions. She loves their loyalty, unconditional love and inability to talk in a language of which she understands.

A native of Indiana, Carolyn called the northwest Chicago suburbs home for over eighteen years but because she hates the way snow sounds when she walks on it, has spent the last sixteen living in the Atlanta suburbs with her husband, son, two dogs and a cat. Her two daughters live close by.

One day she plans to retire to a peaceful home with a fantastic view of something other than her neighbor’s house with a plethora of rescue animals by her side. Oh, and her husband too.


Welcome back, Carolyn! What have you been up to since your first appearance? I’ve been busy! I’m finishing up the second book in my Angela Panther series and hope to have that out in late November. I’ve also started a short story with a holiday theme that will be included in a book with several other great authors. That’s going to be available around mid-December for a holiday release. It’s going to be only on E-book through Amazon but will be free for part of that time, too so that’s great! There are several wonderful authors involved along with a team of professionals for editing and cover design. I’m excited about that.

How do people react when they find out you’re an author? I actually have a hard time telling people that and usually say something like, “I’m a writer but I’m only self published”. They tell me that a writer is a writer and it doesn’t matter who publishes the book! They think it’s wonderful and I feel like a braggart, which I know I’m not but I still feel silly. I’m trying to adjust to it all!

What author do you admire the most and what (if anything) have you learned from them? I really admire Robert Parker, who wrote the Spenser PI series. He passed away a few years ago and I still feel that loss. He is the ‘grandfather of the PI novel’ in many respects but for me, I admired his writing. He said so much with so few words and I work hard to be that way, too. He was much better at it than I am but of course he wrote over a million books so I guess he got it down. I’m a  little late to the game.

Salty or sweet? I’m starting to realize that both together are a pretty darn good combination but if that’s not available, I’m going for the chocolate first. I’ve recently given up sugar (again) so it’s been a rough few days but I do feel better physically. No whites either so no flour, bread, pasta, etc. Once I’m over the emotional part of it all, I’ll feel much better.

What so far has been your biggest accomplishment as an author? Getting the first book done. I wasn’t sure I’d actually complete it and I’m glad I did. I wanted to complete it but it was an emotional rollercoaster for me and at times I just had to step away and repair my heart. It was a very close to home story for me, with Fran being a slightly (just slightly) exaggerated version of my mother.

Describe your perfect day: I have a few different ones. First a ‘professional’ one where I’ve got my to-do list and I get it done and am on a writing role whether it’s for my books or my freelance writing gigs. A ‘personal’ perfect day would be one spent with my family when (a miracle would happen) and no one bickers or whines. Ha! That only happens when everyone is asleep!

Every writer must have a…: cheerleader to keep them moving forward when they feel like they want to quit. That’s my husband for me. He has total faith in my writing and thinks I’m the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hard not to want to continue when I know he sees great things in me.

What is your favorite quote? It’s actually a song lyric from Van Halen, during the Sammy Hagar years (I preferred those years for sure!) In their song, “Right Now”, which I consider to be my theme song, they say, “Right now it’s your tomorrow, right now it’s everything”. That helps me not put off things I should or could do today, to live my life and not worry about that past and not let the things that could bother me bother me. It doesn’t always work but I try to be that way as much as possible. Try being the most important word in that sentence.

How has the social media helped your career? I’m not sure yet. I’m still trying to figure that out. I can say that it’s helped me connect with a lot of authors who I’ve learned a great deal from and all of them I met because of you, so I’m especially grateful to you for that!

What do you want readers to take away from your books? I want readers to walk away having felt different emotions. I want them to feel satisfied. I don’t want them to think too deep or analyze too much. I just want them to be able to put my books down having been able to feel emotions.

Can you tell us about any of your upcoming projects? Whoops. I did above because I’m excited! I’ve got a few other things in the ‘pot’ though that I’m working on. I’m going to be publishing some novellas in the next few months as a way to get more of my writing out. None of them are focused on my series yet but I’m considering a short on Fran. Just not sure. I will be writing more traditional chick lit books (starting with the novellas) and am considering tackling a cosy mystery. I just need to figure out a way to add more hours into my day.

Unfinished Business**Contact Carolyn:

Email: carolynridderaspenson@gmail.com   Website   Facebook   Twitter


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