The Shy Author

Hello, family, friends and followers!

This blog post has been in my mind for quite a while now, so I thought now is the perfect time! Last night was wonderful! My amazing husband created my author domain name, which means I will soon have an author page. (I hope you all follow me over there when it’s finished ;)) Also, last night I received an email from my cover designer. She sent me the final cover draft for “The Right Design”! It’s beautiful and I can’t stop staring at it! While the book isn’t finished being edited yet, it’s nice to know that part of the self-publishing process is almost over! All that’s left for me to do is write a short bio and submit a picture. Whew! **Oh, and today, with the lovely help of two awesome ladies, the blurb is completed!

Okay, to the main point of this blog post…A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a wonderful 3-month plan from 30 Day Books. Here is a link to Before You Publish Your eBook: A 3-Month Checklist! Since I’m publishing in January, this list is SO helpful. Out of the 14 items 3 months away from publishing, I have completed 6. As for as the things that need to be completed 2 months out, that’s where part of me wants to curl up in a ball and hide from the world. You see, I’m a shy person (though, some claim that not to be true). Sending emails about having people share the blurb and/or cover reveal and/or read and review my book, is making me panic. On a side note, which I find interesting, I’m not afraid of bad reviews! I’m afraid of asking, “Hey! I’m a new author and I wrote this book, The Right Design. Will you read it and post the blurb, the cover, and write a review on your blog, then share it on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads?” What’s the worst that could happen? That they’ll say no. That’s not bad at all right, you just have to keep trying…well, in this case, I have to keep trying. This is where hiring someone  to ask those things for me would come in handy, but when I made the decision to self-publish, this was part of it and I’m not backing down.

Self-publishing is a business and if you want to be serious about your work by getting you and your books acknowledged, then you have to keep on, keepin’ on! My question for you is, if you’re a shy, self-published author, what works for you to get your book out there? Over time, does it get easier?

Until next time…this is Isabella Louise Anderson, wishing you all a great day and hoping you’ll read my book! 😉


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