Elizabeth Aloe


About author, Elizabeth Aloe: California born and bred, I grew up in the bay area and attended Cal Poly in my favorite place on earth, San Luis Obispo.  After graduating with a journalism degree and moving everywhere from Connecticut to San Francisco to Minneapolis, I’m happy to say I’m back in SLO doing what I love best–writing novels, making jewelry and going to the beach.  I still have a day job I love, but I don’t let it get in the way.


Describe your writing style in five words: relatable, realistic, contemporary, romantic, musical

Tell us about your books: The Reunion is a contemporary romance novel about Charlotte and Trevor…two people who met in college, dated, broke up and run into each other in San Francisco 15 years later.

Hard/paperbacks or eBooks? Paperback and digital

When did you know you were a writer? I’ve always loved writing-letters, emails, blogs, comments on websites. It was a dream to write a novel and I’ve always had so many stories in my head I realized I could write when I read Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. It was that book I realized I could write a story where the characters are relatable, flawed, yet realistic.

What is the writing/editing/publishing process like for you? The writing process is the easiest. It’s the editing and publishing that is tough.

Where do you get your ideas from? Real life.

What is your favorite word? Fabulous

I read that you make jewelry, do you incorporate this into your books? Sometimes. I did a little bit with the Reunion when the character was single again and spending time on her own.

How did you celebrate your first book being published? I took a jpeg of my book cover to kinkos, had it blown up and got it framed. It now hangs in my apartment as a reminder of my milestone.

If you could meet one other author, who would it be and why? Emily Giffin. She was the inspiration for me to finally get my words on paper.

What do you want readers to take away from your books? If they are single women living on their own and looking for love, I want them to know their life is full without a man. They need to be happy and confident with their own lives before inviting someone else into it. And if that someone doesn’t feel completely right, he probably isn’t.

Can you tell us about any of your upcoming projects? I’m working on the follow up called Celebrity Scandal. It’s a spin off of The Reunion and follows two characters introduced in The Reunion.


Blurb of “The Reunion” by Elizabeth Aloe:

Its been over a decade since thirty-two year old Charlotte Campbell met Trevor Sheldon as a college freshman in San Luis Obispo. After bonding over alternative music, journalism courses, and kisses as DJs for the campus radio station, Charlotte fell deeply in love. Things were perfect until that traumatic night at the station that smashed their budding relationship to pieces. Charlotte never expected she would speak to Trevor again, let alone fifteen years later at a job interview in San Francisco. What’s a girl to do when old feelings escape the vault in her heart and rush up to threaten everything she thought she wanted? Suddenly, Charlotte is forced to re-examine her choices and figure out exactly where she wants her life to take her.

Trevor Sheldon fell in love with Charlotte the moment he first laid eyes on her in the studio. As her mentor at KCPR, he was the one who taught her to be a DJ and how to navigate the first quarter of college. It was no surprise when she taught him how to love someone for the very first time. After she broke up with him and cut him out of her life, Trevor was devastated. Now, she’s back and his life is turned upside down. He still loves her but she’s off limits. How can Trevor possibly get over Charlotte when he never quite got over her before

As the KCPR reunion approaches, both Charlotte and Trevor must come to terms with their past and figure out where to take their future. Are they still in love with each other or is it just an open door they both need to close forever?

The Reunion is a novel for those who’ve always wondered what it would be like to reconnect with the one that got away. Sometimes the past comes back when you least expect it.

**Contact Elizabeth:

Email: elizabethaloe@yahoo.com   Facebook   Twitter

**Additional comments from Elizabeth: I wrote this book for those women who are dating in their 30s and living on their own and happy with their lives. It is important for my characters to feel real and relatable.


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