Keeping An Author’s Mind Healthy

“You get paid to make stuff up,” said my dad, over Father’s Day weekend. I laughed at his comment, but the more I thought about, the more I came to realize he was right, and that I’d never thought about it that way. No matter how little or how much, authors do get paid to make things up. (If you ask me, that’s pretty cool).

So, yesterday I stumbled upon THIS article about staying healthy in order for you to write better, and it energized me to start keeping my mind clear–you know, the one I’m paid to make stuff up with. It’s not about being physically fit, but rather keeping your mind healthy.

For a few months now, my mind has felt like it’s been in a bubble that just won’t burst, and it’s been very stressful. I’ve had all these ideas for my second draft of “Cards From Khloe’s Flower Shop,” and haven been eager to get back to it, but feeling the way I have, it’s been impossible to get any progress made. Also, some of you might also know that I’ve been experiencing vertigo, which has also been stressful, but I’m on day four of not having any dizziness, so I’m hoping it’s finally going away–YAY!

Now that I’m feeling a more like myself, I’d like to share just a few tips that I do to keep my mind healthy:

WALK/RUN ON A TREADMILL: Before I started experiencing vertigo, I was a walker. I loved being on my treadmill. Not only did it often help writer’s block disappear, it helped keep my mind energized. My mind would be clear, and I would be focused on nothing but my steady pace. However, on days where I felt really energized, I’d speed it up a bit, which made my workout even better. Not only was I burning calories, I was feeling motivated to get back to my characters.

Not only can walking rejuvenate your mind, you’ll begin to look better, too!

DRINK MORE WATER: I’ve tried to like water, and do off and on, but I’m not consistent as I should be with it. So, to spark up the taste a bit, I add drops of lemon or limes to it, which gives it a refreshing spin. You can also buy Dasani Drops, which come in all different flavors, (my favorite is the Pineapple Coconut). I try to drink at least six cups a day–yes, I know I should drink the typical 8, but I’m trying to get better at this.


TRY SOMETHING YOU’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE: So, today I did something I thought I’d never do. I had my first Pilates session, (yes, you read that right). My husband has been going for over a year now, and he loves it. Finally agreeing, a few weeks ago, I went to go see him during a session, and I was really impressed. He’s been telling me to at least give it a try for so long, but I’d alway find an excuse, but he was right (yes, I just wrote for the world that he was right…Shh, I hope he’s not reading this!). Anyway, for sixty minutes, I was able to relax, breathe and do the stretches/movements without focusing on sales for my book and work on a scene I’m having trouble with at the moment, and solely let my mind go. In a way, it was euphoric, and I cannot wait to go back.

By trying something new, and giving it your best, you’ll be glad you did!

* * * * *


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5 thoughts on “Keeping An Author’s Mind Healthy

  1. Great ideas for keeping sane. I’ve started running again, recently, and it’s amazing how that extra bit of exertion helps clear the mind. So sorry about the vertigo. My mother had it for a couple years and found out it was a problem with a virus in her inner ear. Hope your’s gets better soon. It is not fun to be dizzy.
    Here’s a great trick if you don’t like plain water. Cut up fruit and let it ‘steep’ in the water with ice. There are recipes all over the internet about apple cinnamon water. It’s actually really really good. Like drinking apple pie. Sort of. If you can’t find anything and are interested, drop me a line and I’ll hunt down the recipe.
    Congrats on the blog tours! Hope it all goes well. 🙂

      • So glad the vertigo is going away, I get motion sick, so being dizzy all the time would be quite awful. I need more tricks to make water interesting these days too. I used to love water, but sometimes it gets so boring. 🙂

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