Sexy young couple playing in love games in a luxurious bedroom.

“Room 306” by ER Pierce


Philip Tanner has one rule: Don’t mix work with pleasure.

His strict no dating at the workplace policy has always served him well, that is, until recently when a sultry brunette started haunting his every fantasy in the form of family attorney: Katie Riley.

Katie Riley has a secret crush.

Her best friend Samantha knows she’s infatuated with a certain prosecutor, but she’s held back her passion out of respect for her friends new relationship. However, she can’t help craving the one thing she told herself not to want: Philip Tanner.

She’s tired of ignoring her carnal desires and she’s about to present him with a case he won’t be able to refute.

My Review:

From the beginning, it was very obvious that Philip and Katie were attracted to one another. After their first kiss, I was silently yelling at them to get a room already. However, things moved a little slower than I expected, and I was surprised when they didn’t both go to Katie’s room at the same time. I was holding my breath to see if and when Philip would follow her lead, but he didn’t…at least not yet. I felt bad for Katie, who ended up in her room, drunk, because she felt that he’d turned down her offer and was ashamed of herself for even considering the idea of being with him, (ladies, we’ve all been there, right?). However, when Katie realizes that he did in fact want to be with her, I loved how confident she was in front of him the morning after.

Now, as for ER’s erotic writing between these two, it was pretty hot, and I wanted more–a lot more. This weekend I’m going to read “Room 69,” (Katie and Philip #2, which is book 5 of the Hot Lunch Series), and will have that review up next week.

If you’re looking for a sexy and quick read that you can read one on sitting, I highly recommend this book. I give “Room 306” 5 stars!

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**Buy your copy of “Room 69” now!: Amazon


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