BOOK FEATURE: “Could It Be You?”


“Could It Be You?” by Katie Kirby

Blurb: Could It Be You centres around Rachel Kane, a woman in her late twenties and an entrepreneur who owns her own beauty range business. She is desperately trying to navigate her way through life since the very sudden and heart wrenching split from her husband.

The story begins the day before her first holiday to the South of France as a singleton where she is the maid of honour at her best friend’s wedding and from there takes Rachel on a journey where she has to face who and what is most important to her.

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KatieKirbyPic**About author, Katie Kirby: I”m an actor and wrier currently living in Dublin, Ireland. I graduated from Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin in mid 2000’s and have been fortunate enough to work in theatre, television and film ever since.

I have been writing sine my youth and over a year ago began the journey of Could It Be You?, my debut novel.

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