Kathleen Kole

Kathleen is an awesome woman!  She’s one of my favorite Twitter peeps!  I love Kathleen’s kindness and supportive ways towards her fellow author friends!  I’ve only read Favorable Conditions, but from a writer in the making like myself, she’s an inspiration.  I am honored to have her as a guest!

About Kathleen:

Born in Edmonton AB, Kathleen began storytelling in grade school.  She has many fond memories of passing summer afternoons, out on the swings in her backyard, creating tales that entertained her neighborhood friends.

When she finally decided to venture from her backyard, Kathleen pursued a career in storytelling.  She graduated from college with a Diploma in Radio and Television Arts and traveled the path of freelance writing for numerous local newspapers.

Many years later, too many to talk about without seeming rude and nosey, Kathleen has channeled her imagination to the pages of her novels.  She hopes that you enjoy her tales and encourages you to feel free to read her stories on the swing set in your own backyard.

Kathleen has traveled from Edmonton, to a new backyard with a lovely mountain view. She spends time there with her beloved husband, adored son and silly dog. They let her tell them stories and always laugh in all of the correct places. She’s lucky, and she knows it.

Q & A with Kathleen Kole

When did you start writing?  I have loved to write for as long as I can remember.  From the first stories I wrote in grade school until right this red hot minute, storytelling is a natural extension of who I am.  As for being paid for my work, that started in my early twenties when I was a freelance writer for a number of local city newspapers.

As a writer, what are your days/night like?  I am fortunate my son is old enough now and I can dedicate a few of my daytime hours to writing.  It wasn’t always that way!  When he was in Elementary school, my days were caught up in volunteer work, lunch breaks, play dates and the like.  As far as any sort of schedule goes, I would simply say I write when the work needs to get done and do my best to fit everything else in around the work.  Some days are more chaotic, others more productive, but in the end I put my head down and sink in and get it done.

From writing to being published, what was the most difficult part?  Getting over the worry/fear/insecurity, pick a word, that the novel was good enough to share.  I still go through that same “dance” every time I publish, but it really helps to know that almost every other author I’ve spoken to feels the exact same way.  You invest so much of yourself into your stories and every time you send one out into the reader universe, you truly hope you’ve given them something they feel was worthy of their time.

Who or what motivates you?  A good question and, until this moment, one I’ve never really pondered.  Writing is a second-nature sort of thing for me, so I guess if I was to pick a motivator I’d have to say it is my family.  My husband and son are so supportive of my dreams, it gives me that extra push to do my best and share the “spoils” with them.

Who is your favorite author, and why?  Another good question!  I have a few favorites, but if I was to narrow it down to just one… or two… I’d say Frannie Flagg and Maeve Binchy.  Both of these authors have the ability to weave a story so intricately it takes my breath away.  I have huge respect for their talents and am grateful beyond measure that they share their storytelling gift in their novels.

Paper or eBooks?  Why?  Hmmm, once upon a time I’d probably have answered that with paper, but now I’m not so sure.  While I do appreciate a physical book, I also respect the value and ease of an eReader, not to mention the volume of books it can contain (I adore my Kindle!)

Where do you get your ideas for your books?  Sometimes it feels as though book ideas find me.  I am interested in people and their experiences, so when an idea catches hold and won’t let go, it is soon followed with a main character and off I go to write their story.

Why did you want to be a writer?  As I’ve said, storytelling is a natural extension of who I am.  I started creating stories for my friends when I was in grade school, so it seemed a natural evolution that I’d eventually start fleshing them out in novels.

How do you come up with titles of your books?  Yet another great question.  First and foremost, I try my best to create a title that in some way pertains to my story.  That is key.  Then, I think of my readers and go with the adage that if it would catch my attention; hopefully it will theirs as well.

What has been your greatest accomplishment thus far, and how did you celebrate?  You know, I don’t think I can say I have one greatest accomplishment. (Other than my son, to whom nothing can hold a candle nor be compared.) Each momentous experience I’ve lived along my path has been unique and cherished; however, I don’t believe any certain one has overshadowed another.  I am grateful for them all, they have all been instrumental in shaping me and my life thus far, and I look forward to whatever comes next.

What is your advice for upcoming writers?  Live in the moment.  Rejoice in the journey.  Revel in the experience.  Have fun with it.

Tell us about your upcoming projects:  I have two new books coming in 2012.  The first, “In This Moment”, is to be published in late spring.  The second, “Tales From The Laundry Pile” to be published in the fall.  If you’re curious about either, or both, of their premises, have a peek on my website.

— Thank you so much, Isabella, for being willing to read my book and participate in this blog tour.  Also, thank you kindly for welcoming me here to answer your questions and offer my readers an opportunity to feel a more personal connection to me and my work.  Cheers!

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