It’s Fun Friday

I’m a baseball fan and I’m so excited that baseball season is finally here!

It’s Opening Day at The Ballpark in Arlington!  To begin the 2012 season, the Texas Rangers play against the Chicago White Sox.  I look forward to going to the game tomorrow night to cheer on my team, who for the past two years have been in the World Series.  As the saying goes, the third time’s the charm, so I’m hoping that this is our year – it just has to be, (because “12” is my lucky number).

Below, I’ve added some of my favorite links:

That’s The Way Baseball Go

Lean about the Texas Rangers

Chicks Dig Diamonds

Read about my favorite Ranger

A Nolan Ryan (Ranger)/Robin Ventura (Chicago White Sox) highlight

Look at all the new stuff


4 thoughts on “It’s Fun Friday

  1. Cool. I surprised my husband for his 50th birthday with tickets to opening weekend of the Tampa Rays this weekend. The evening includes a stay downtown right next to the field. Though to me, it’s a looong season. 🙂

  2. that was a fun Fun Friday posting! the countdown to Josh, oh my gosh…what handsome men! i’ve never seen the Nolan/Robin video, i was up and outa my chair for that! i mighta even taken a swing at my moniter.

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