It’s Hump Day (50 Shades of Grey) Wednesday!

As some of you know, I started “Fifty Shades of Grey,” out of complete curiosity, (and no, I’m not one who needs that kind of thrill).  I just wanted to read what all the hype is about.  I’m in the middle of it right now, so a review will be up within the next few weeks.

Anyway, since it’s “Hump Day,” I’m writing about the male Character, Christian Grey.  Ladies, I see it!  I’m now knowing what you mean by the erotic daydreams and fantasies that are now consuming your mind!  Two nights ago, I didn’t go to bed.  Christian Grey kept me awake!  Page by page, he had me right there with him in the moment, not wanting to stop — for anything!  I was at his beck and call.  I didn’t mind this dominance over me, but I did mind his rudeness, (more about this will be in the book review).

This leads me to wonder, who is your Christian Grey?  What does he look like?  What does he to do ignite you?  Does he take charge of you, telling you what to do or how to do it?  Does his touch make you (fill in the blank)!  Is he George Clooney, perhaps?  Tim McGraw, Ryan Gosling, or even Brad Pitt?

What turns you on?  Who is your Christian Grey?


4 thoughts on “It’s Hump Day (50 Shades of Grey) Wednesday!

  1. Haven’t read it yet, so I look forward to your review. My literary Christian Grey was a character name Royce. Shoulder length red hair and a rocking viking body. He was came across as this badass guy, but underneath he was charming and loving. I loved the gentle but firm way he took hold of me…I mean the the heroine. 🙂

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