Dreaming of Him

Book Review for “Dreaming of Him”

“Dreaming of Him,” by Wendy Ely

While awake, Amber is a very lonely woman and her life is at a dead-end.  Nothing can make her feel better, not even a makeover, but it’s different when she’s asleep.  A man from her past, Trace, enters her dreams and sweeps her off her feet.  When Amber wakes up, she realizes that it was a dream (a very hot one), because she knows that Trace is dead.  He tries to communicate with Amber through her dreams and watches over her, wanting her to know just how much she meant to him before he died.  His spirit moves her keys so she won’t be late for work and turns off the lights when she comes home drunk, closing her eyes, aching to be with him.  Only in her dreams, can they fall in love with one another, but he won’t let her go out the easy way to be with him!  That’s when he saves her from making a big mistake…

Admit it, you can’t stop staring at the cover, can you?  Neither can I!  When I won this book, I was thrilled.  Wanting to take break from my normal reads one weekend, I began reading Dreaming of Him.  Right away, I was drawn into a whole new world.  Wendy Ely’s descriptions were written so clear, that I felt as if I were Amber, wanting to dream of Trace!  The storyline was believable, especially for a woman like Amber, who has very little confidence.  I loved Trace!  He was gentle and he didn’t give up on Amber.  While I wish this book wasn’t so short, I loved it because it wasn’t the typical romance book with spirits or ghosts — it’s a true love story!  If you’re looking for a sweet, spicy book over the summer, this is the book for you!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

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**An interview with the author, Wendy Ely, is coming soon!


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