Breaking the Rules

Book review for “Breaking the Rules”

“Breaking the Rules” by Cat Lavoie

When Roxy Rule’s best friend and roommate, Ollie, gets a new job in England she’s happy for him.  Nothing will change, she tells herself.  When the two share a kiss right before he leaves, it catches Roxy by complete surprise.  After revealing what happened to their friends, not bothering to mention it to her fiance (because it didn’t mean anything, right?), she decides to ignore it and move on with her hectic life as an assistant for “boss who makes her want to stab herself with a letter opener.”  Not only does Roxy have to deal with her boss, Roxy’s sisters move in with her (one sister is pregnant and one who’s in a premature midlife crisis), which creates even more havoc on her life.  Arguing with her fiance about her never-ending credit card balance due to buying kitchen supplies that she can’t live without, and dealing with the drama in her life, Roxy puts her dream about being a chef on the back burner.

What will Roxy do when she can no longer put up with her fiance and his overbearing mother?  Will Roxy help her boss out when she needs her most?  Most of all, what will Roxy do when she finds some news that changes everything?

A few months ago I decided that I wouldn’t be taking anymore request until after the year so that I could focus on my own books.  When I received an email from Samantha of Marching Ink asking me to read and review Breaking the Rules, I read synopsis and knew immediately that I had to read the debut novel by Cat Lavoie!  It seemed like it would be a great Chick Lit read, and seemed not too far off about a friendship when I had when I was younger.

From the first sentence to the last period, Breaking the rules was a delight to read!  I read it in three days and loved the characters, especially Rox!  She had me laughing the whole time, and though I was a little nervous about what she would say and do in certain situationsshe didn’t let me down — especially in the end!   (Read the book to find why I was on the edge of my seat).  As for Roxy’s fiance, his behavior and words really annoyed me, but I understood that by the end.  I enjoyed Roxy’s sisters’ characters.  While all the sisters were dealing with their own personal drama, I liked how they came together when it was needed.  Last, but not least, there’s Ollie who I liked a lot, but wished there would’ve been more of him, maybe by emails or phone calls just to keep him more involved with Roxy.

There were a lot of twists and turns and I liked that.  There was nothing that the brilliant author hadn’t explained or make the reader wonder.

Overall, I LOVED this book!  If you’re wanting to read a fun and entertaining book about family, love, and relationships, then Breaking the Rules is the book for you!

I give this book 5 stars!

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**Click HERE to read my interview with Cat Lavoie!


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