Here’s Your Chance to Name a Christmas Anthology (and win prizes)!!


While it’s still hot in most of the US, especially here in Texas, I’m ready for colder weather and holiday seasons, Christmas in particular!

As some of you might know that I’ve written a short story for a Christmas anthology, which is being published by Simon & Fig! Along with mine, the anthology will be a collection of short stories written by five other amazing women: Cindy Arora, Lauren Clark, Laura Chapman, Libby Mercy, and Nancy Scrofano. This will be my first publication, and I’m more than thrilled. I will be an author! The title of my publication is “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe”. In the next few weeks, I will be sharing more about it, but today we’re focusing on something much more important — the title of the book.

Would you like to name the Christmas anthology? Well, if so, here’s your chance. The winner will get a free e-copy of any current Simon & Fig title, plus a $15 Amazon gift card!

Simply click HERE and leave a comment on the Simon & Fig page! It’s that easy!

**The deadline to enter your title suggestion is Tuesday, September 10th. The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 12th!


Cupid On Deck



About “Cupid On Deck”:  Louise “Lou” Riley agrees to tag along with her friends on a Valentine’s Day cruise around Seattle’s Lake Union. Donning their best 1920s attire, they board the old-fashioned paddle wheeler steamboat for an evening that’s expected to be the bee’s knees. Lou plans to shed her third wheel status onboard when she joins Nate, who she’s been sweet on for months. But when a mishap sends the dashing (and single!) Landon Harper to her aid, Lou discovers that Cupid may have other plans for her love life, and she and Landon share an unforgettable few hours together. Then, a surprise announcement sends everyone into a frenzy. Will Lou and Landon live happily ever after? Or maybe Lou and Nate are meant to be… Find out where the cherub’s arrow lands in Cupid On Deck, a roaring good time aboard a love boat reminiscent of the jazz age.

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**Contact the author, Nancy Scrofano!:

Nancy Scrofano

Author of True Love Way and Cupid On Deck

Blogger at The Chick Lit Bee

A Gift This Holiday Season: TRUE LOVE WAY



If you’re looking for a wonderful Chick Lit read this holiday season, TRUE LOVE WAY is the book for you!  I reviewed this book and loved it, (click HERE to read my review).

Nancy Scrofano is a gifted author who writes about memorable characters.  Her book, TRUE LOVE WAY, is something you’ll definitely want to read!

**Click HERE to buy the book!

I’ve Missed Y’all!


Hey!  It’s been a week since I’ve written anything, but last week was insane — in a very good way!

Here’s just a small part of what I’ve been working on, and what’s coming up this week on Chick Lit Goddess!

Monday: Guest Post by Nancy Scrofano

Tuesday: Read my book review of Nancy’s book ,”True Love Way”

Wednesday: Read my book review of Gillian Duffy’s book, “The L.A. Commandments” (A guest interview will be coming soon on a TBD date).

Thursday: A blog post will be up about why I think Chick Lit is more popular in the U.K.

Friday: A “Fun Friday” post will be up about a new necklace I just bought!  (It’s so pretty!)

Nancy Scrofano


Author Bio: Nancy Scrofano is the author of True Love Way and writes book reviews for a prestigious book review magazine. Additionally, she is the founder and managing editor of The Chick Lit Bee, a book blog that promotes and celebrates women’s fiction. Nancy is at work on her next novel.

Guest Post: Chick lit is my favorite genre by far. These stories provide comedy, support, hot topics, romance, and fun to readers. Authors have the ability to connect with readers and show them, with the words on each page, that their feelings are shared with others. The novels in the chick lit genre represent a united front of strength and courage among women. I love the fact that these stories are mainly for women, by women. Issues that women face are depicted with humor, humility, joy, sadness, and triumph. Since I love reading these books so much, I know it is the right genre for me as a writer, too.

Many people criticize chick lit as being predictable, but for chick lit fans, that is the very reason we love it. It provides comfort to us, like listening to an old friend tell us a story. We know there will be a happy ending, and that’s exactly what we want. The stories probably won’t change the world but they can change people and affect attitudes and moods through entertainment. The characters remind us of ourselves, our close friends, our families, and our colleagues. It is satisfying to be able to relate to characters so well.

Chick lit is a collection of novels that deals with topics women are interested in by showing character growth through uplifting stories. The genre is constantly changing and evolving as new authors join it. I’m incredibly proud and honored to be a chick lit author. I have received wonderful support from other authors in the genre who have welcomed me with generosity and encouragement. I love being part of a group of intelligent, thoughtful, creative writers who understand the issues women face and who have been given the gift of being able to write about these subjects in ways that truly speak to readers. Simply put: I write chick lit because I love chick lit.

**Visit Nancy at any of the below links:

Nancy Scrofano




**Click HERE to read my review of True Love Way!

True Love Way


Book review of “True Love Way”

“True Love Way,” by Nancy Scrofano

**Watch the trailer of True Love Way HERE!**

Marlo Spencer loves to live in past!  She loves old TV shows – The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, and Dick Van Dike, just to name a few.  She is known to collect old things, and is proud of having her Brady Bunch lunchbox.  Her Malibu is cluttered with everything vintage and she doesn’t care.  Nik, her best male friend, doesn’t understand what the fascination is, and even complains about it, but he accepts her as she is.  I loved these two together, and I could relate to their close friendship.  Their dialogue reminded of how an old married couple would sound.

When Marlo receives an email from Josh, Nik doesn’t like it at all!  It’s a little bit obvious that Nik might have feelings for her, but it’s not until the end do we find out what else he could be hiding.

Nik decides to follow Marlo to Napa so she can hopefully rekindle their romance and go through with the “pact” with Josh, the man who left her twelve years ago without saying goodbye, he decides it’s time to spend time with his sister, Savannah, and her daughter.  After they get to Napa, it’s a whirlwind of emotions for everyone involved – Marlo, Nik, Josh, and Savannah, Marlo’s best friend and Nik’s sister.  While Marlo wants things with Josh to be in sync, they’re not.  Things with Savannah don’t seem right either – it’s not until towards the end is everything revealed.  What’s found out could harm relationships – even friendships!  I think it came full circle and turned out how it was supposed to.  I was very pleased with the ending!  (Great way to end it, Nancy Scrofano!)  If I said anymore, I’d spoil it – so read the book!  You won’t want to miss it!

After reading the plot of True Love Way, it sounded like a cute book, so I decided to review it!  The title and cover also swayed me.  Like I do with most book, I dove right into this one late at night and I didn’t want to stop.  The only thing I would change is Savannah’s character.  I wish she felt a little more emotion for…(if i told you, then I’d spoil it).  True Love way was a quick and fun read.  All the characters are believable, and the storyline is filled with twists and turns.  At the end of each chapter, you’ll want to begin the next!  I couldn’t put it down!  I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a fun and quick beach read!

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

**Click HERE to read the author’s guest post!